Al-Arabi for Computers & Trading Co.

About us:
It has been two decades since the start of our company, where the company has made many achievements and advances in the field of information and communication technology and modern electronics. Over the years, it has been able to provide all the technological solutions at the highest levels and with outstanding quality.

Company Specialties:
We specializes in the fields of modern technology of all kinds, and provides all the needs in the following areas for individuals and institutions:
• Selling and maintaining computers of all types, fixed and portable.
• Sale and maintenance of telecommunications devices and tablets.
• Installation and sale of home network systems and institutions systems.
• Installation and sale of security and alarm systems.
• Accounting solutions, global accounting systems, payment systems, storage and cash registers. 
• Sale and installation of sound systems for institutions, schools and houses. 
• Payment of all types of local invoices.